Why do people try to say that fat and/or ugly guys and girls have it equally worse when that's not the truth whatsoever?

Fat and/or ugly guys have it worse trust me. A fat and/or ugly girl will still be able to have sex with guys that will never make them their girlfriend 's because guys will lower standards for casual sex, sure there's more to a dating/relationship game than sex, but there's aslo that old saying: "something is better than nothing." And with fat and/or ugly women being able to easily have a fwbor sex only situation with a average looking to slightly above average looking guy, that makes those women standards go up and up thus leaving their fat and/or ugly male counterpart basically S. O. L. A fat and/or ugly guy unless he makes good money will not only be sexless but dateless as well
I guess this question was too touchy for sensitive gagers.


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  • In terms of sex only, you are right. But then an ugly guy just needs to get prostitutes. Same thing. Sex without anything. Just costs us a bit more.


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