I'm very immature for my age, how do I solve this?

I notice I can't create attraction in girls my age, I'm 24 and I feel most guys my age are more mature than I am. I have spoke with girls 15 and 16 years old and we vibe really well, but they are too young and I don't want to date someone that young. Can anyone help me with this issue?

With younger girls I have not this problem because they are so self conscious that they forget to judge me.
Well they are not willing to put the effort in talking, but what can I do, they are always like that.


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  • well try not to be annoying for instance don't like make stupid jokes or make fun of the girls teasing is fine but be careful not to go over the top. getting angry over silly things will not be very helpful either. try to figure out what makes you immature and try not to do it. see what your friends do that make them seem more mature. and you don't have to go out with some one your age 18 is a decent age to go for if anything. girls prefer men who are older than them anyway.

    • I don't make stupid jokes. That's not what I mean about immaturity. What I mean about immaturity, is that I don't know how to lead conversations and have interesting small talks.

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    • Well then ask them why they don't want to talk to you the method won't work as well if you keep trying with the same person once you find out that they are not don't want to put in the effort then move on to the next person. or try casually stating you know what I hate I hate it when people can't keep a conversation going.

    • Yeah I hate it too.

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