What dose this mean?

I have a crush on a guy and I saw him yesterday and he saw me too but he pretended that he doesn't see me and then he start texting and walk away. And then his friend who is standing not far from me start texting too and then he looked at me. So I just walk out and then my crush followed me and when i saw him follow me he just walk away.
(Bad English i am sorry!)
what is that mean? Or what should i do?
He also like to pretend that he doesn't see me :(


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  • it may just be a coincidence but maybe they were texting about you.
    its possible that your 'crush' fancies you too... but is too embarrassed to approach you.
    maybe smile at him next time you see him and/or say 'Hi' that's a good start.
    your English is fine by the way


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  • It probably means that he is just too shy to approach you

  • Get a new crush, this one isn't into you


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