Would you date a guy if he drove a shit box?

Everything else about him is everything you've dreamed of but he drives an old rust bucket which could be prone to breakdowns and won't let go of it and get a new car.

And he calls it Beulah and will say things like "listen to her purr" but it just rattles and sounds all clunky and clangy like it's going to fall apart

  • I'd still date him.
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  • No, not unless "Beulah" was destroyed.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Beulah is the name of a town, that's all it would remind me of.

    No - I quite like a car with stupid nuances and niggles and someone who loves it and won't give up on it may extend that ethos to his other relationships :)

    • Interesting logic

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    • Thanks for the mho :)

    • Thank you for being helpful

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What Girls Said 4

  • We would just take my car. I don't want to get stuck of it breaks down

  • It wouldn't bother me. He probably has sentimental values with Beulah. I don't mind.

    • It's because the car is blue. And cool you must be a good person

    • Thanks

  • I would rather date a guy who didn't feel insecure about his car or who didn't assume his car mattered to me at all.

    I have a pretty nice car, we could just take mine, I don't mind. I haven't always had nice cars so I wouldn't judge someone else for that same situation.

    • But he thinks its great but it's actually a piece of crap

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    • If he can actually drive then yes but a lot of people can't drive so I don't ride with a lot of people lol

    • OK cool

  • who cares if a guy's car is a shit box? the only creepy part is him calling the car "Beulah"

    • But what if you're out for a Sunday drive with him in the country side and "Beulah" breaks down leaving you in the middle of nowhere?

    • dunno

    • Hahaha!

What Guys Said 1

  • Keep the car, it will filter out the wrong women for you.

    • Smart thinking actually