How do I get this girl to let me in?

Hi I'd been dating a girl for about a month and then noticed she was sort of avoiding meeting up again when I suggested a few times. I just asked her if there was anything up and she said that she's not ready to be in a relationship yet because of a family problem, I found out through someone else that her mom has just passed away a few months ago. We had a really good start and she'd asked me over to her house to chill and we lay watching tv and she was being really affectionate as I held her. Since I said something it's ruined everything and she doesn't really want to speak much anymore and I'm not too sure what to do next? I tried going back on tinder and pof etc. to take my mind off her and then seen her on both! I'm just so confused now, was she just saying the stuff about relationships to not hurt my feelings? Or should I not trust her at all? Really got the impression she really really liked me at first, got her flowers on one of our dates and she was blown away and said being with me was like an escape from her problems. Need to know what to do next?


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  • You can't blame her for being on tinder, when you're also there! you have no reason to assume she isn't telling the truth. She doesn't need to be ready to be in a relationship cuz you're not asking for that, you're just dating. I would just tell her that you respect it if she doesn't want to keep seeing you, but that u want to let her know you want to be there for her

    • Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah I know what you mean, I only went on myself because I thought I'd ruined things and had no chance with her but she said to me because she wasn't ready she was going to delete all her dating apps etc so that's why I'm kind of confused why she would lie? That's kind of how I left things, let her know that although we'd only been dating a short time she'd made a big impression on me and that I'd be there if she ever needed someone

  • Let her know that you are there for her no matter what then back off and give her space to deal with what's going on.

    • Thanks. Yeah think that's best, just gutted I kind of ruined things when it was going good and maybe put her under too much pressure.

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