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My girlfriend and I (late 20s) have been going out for 5 months now. While we were dating and the first few months of the relationship we would text during the day. She will call me on her way to work in the morning and before she goes to sleep at night. She keeps calling me before work and at night but now texting has significantly gone down. We will still meet up for dates and talk on the phone. She still tells me she loves me a lot and misses me. I have even met her family (on more than one occasion) and her mother. However, she just doesn't text much anymore. She will read what I send to her but she doesn't reply back, even when I ask her a question. I understand if you don't reply because you are busy but not ignoring/dismissing my comment I don't understand. I am not needy, I just noticed the change in behavior. She has told me how she feels like she is the one who calls me/texts me all the time. In order to balance things, I have begun reaching out to her more. My attempts have gone unanswered recently. This has started about a month ago when I had to go away for work for 2 weeks. When I got back, her family happened to fly in to visit as well. Is this normal behavior (no more honeymoon phase)? Thoughts?


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  • I think everyone eventually gets out of the "honeymoon" phase. However, couples have to keep things fresh and exciting. It's not easy to do that's why most couples fail. You are doing the right thing by reaching out to her. I think at this point she's just getting comfortable with you and isn't realizing what she's doing. She still tells you she loves you and she still communicates with you, just not as often. Communication is key. Tell her how you feel and see what her reasoning is. Then take things from there.

    • We communicate really well. I've told her that it annoys me when she ignores/dismisses me. She feels I've been 'mad' at her a lot lately. The only reason I've been annoyed lately is because she keeps ignoring me every now and then (a lot recently). I've told her that it's because we're out of the "honeymoon" phase and this upset her. I told her that this doesn't mean things are over it just means our love will grow deeper and develop more. She told me she loved me and that she understands my point of view. Do I just chalk it up as she's comfortable (and busy with work/family)? I just want to make sure she isn't taking me for granted or growing distant.

    • Hmm... well, you obviously don't want to harp on it because then that'll make you look needy. BUT, you shouldn't live "annoyed" while she's happy with how things are. I think for now maybe just let things be and see if she makes an effort to try harder. If she doesn't but she's still telling you that she loves you and she's calling you to talk, she's more than likely just comfortable with how things are.

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