Girls, What sexual desire do shallow girls have?

Ok, guys have to be the hottest looking in order they would sleep with him, but how about if he was poor? or does not have high social status (e. g. famous) ? What makes them turn on?


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  • Just for sex? Good body, big dick, skills...

    • what kind of skills? Good body pretty much every girl desires. which girl does not desire to fuck s hot guy?

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    • Every guy can learn those skills...

    • yea, they can. but lots of guys suck. haha! so do girls. just depends on how often you "practice"

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  • To be honest, I don't really care about money/power. The number one thing is physical appearance (usually just a nice face and hair), and then personality (not a crazy person.) Those are all that really matter to me.

  • Wanting to have sex with a hot guy doesn't make you shallow

    Money and social status doesn't make you hotter if they are just wanting to sleep with you.

    • what is the core desire of shallow women in guys?

    • Money? If they want a relationship, but its a given for most people who want a serious relationship and if they want to make a life together

  • I've been told im shallow before (i dont think i am!)

    i would not sleep with a poor guy. well im lying i have and MAYBE would again if he was really hot. i have a thing for tough guys from the rough part of town they are super good in bed. but it would only be sex though i would never date him

    a guy doesn't have to be super popular but he can't be a lame and he has to have a life and friends

    mostly i care about his looks and sex appeal


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