I'm almost 18.. Never had a boyfriend?

So it's starting to get me down.. I've never had a boyfriend or even spoken to boys I found attractive in that way. I just don't know why I haven't ever had one but boys never approach me/show signs of liking me. I'm told all the time (in a non boastful way) how pretty I am and that I could model etc but why won't boys date me? I'm going to university the end of next as a complete newbie I have no experience whatsoever and I don't know what to do. Why does everyone else seem to get boyfriends but not me? I feel so embarrassed telling people and when people are talking about their past relationships and I can't comment because I have no experience at all :( I didn't used to be interested too much in having a boyfriend but now I am. Although family and friends are great I feel like a need somebody new in my life right now? Please help/give advice? WHY won't boys talk to me?


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  • Perhaps you are pretty. Boys are intimidated by pretty girls.


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  • I know what you are feeling and would be glad to discuss privately...


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  • just make yourself a litlle more approachable maybe you will have a boyfriend soon


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