Why do I keep finding awful guys?

So I meet guys in real life. A lot just want sex , some try pretend they want more but show their true colours in the end. Others make it obvious what they want which is fine but I let them know they got wrong girl an to look elsewhere. Good guys are taken, gay or married I feel.

Online dating is a serious mind field. Some guys act into you an suggest meeting then randomly cut contact instead of saying someone else caught their eye they bail an disappear. Others are far too old but try anyway an even beg for a chance or even a date.

Some ask for sex an even offer to pay for it. Totally cringe an so disgusting. I am no prostitute! 😑 I decline or block. I am polite but only so much before I snap an think what the the hell right!

Others talk then exchange numbers discuss meeting then suddenly start ignoring instead of being honest with me. most men these days are cowards like just say if your done easy. When a guy says they are done I can accept it cus then I know I deserve better an I am done too then.

This world is full of disrespectful people who really don't have a heart. I would never treat someone like that. If I am not interested I make it clear. No need to be so ignorant towards others.

Guy recebtly we chatted everyday I was starting to like him we got talking then on whatsapp an he planned to come visit me. We had banter an a real laugh. He didn't seem to convinced he was good looking though ! An kept saying I am hot an would say are you talking to other guys in a game of truth an dare an I said no.

Everyday an most of the past week or so we been talking I was excited an happy for first time in ages. He would send pics of his house an what he is doing at work. Even at work messaging at lunch etc. An then in evening through to his bed hour. Always said goodnight without fail.

Yesterday we spoke an he was bit off saying I am talking crap as I was drow


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  • I'm really sorry to hear you had a bad experience with guys. But don't give up! I know you're very beautiful, and there is bound to be that one guy that will love you for who you are. I'm just like you, never had much luck with girls, and I've always been single, and even rejected, so you're not alone. You're really nice, and I wanna help you as much as I can :) I'm the type of guy who takes relationships seriously, so I understand what you're going through.

    • Thanks dear maybe one day I will meet someone I need to stop going on dating sites full of idiots

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    • Yeah same never again in my life βœ‹πŸΌπŸ˜‚

    • Hi5! And I wish you the best of luck :D

  • i think you r hurted by someone a lottt... dnt think of him... u r very good person while reading ur words i guess somewhat about u... tht boy dnt have the qualification to be in a good relationship with you... dnt thnk moreee... just leave him... be a happy girl...

  • As I see it girls has 2 options, nice guys or guys who knows what to say but don't give a damn about her in the first place. Nice guys may be boring and play one role in life but he may have what every cocky guy lacks. Me, I attract broken girls, and I hate that's it takes them 2 years to open up to nice guys but dudes who wouldn't give her a time of day to get to know her and just make her laugh she'll fall for. maybe your history is showing you something you need to do. I suggest you make it clear as you already did and keep your distance no matter if the guy likes it or not.

    • He was a nice guy I thought not my usual type computer geek an everything he wasn't a player in looks or how he was past few days. He switched yesterday evening. This guy was insecure of his looks an said he wouldn't blame guys if they was after me etc an this guy did get to know me but backed away in end was a coward or scared chicken he said week ago I am not scared of you almost li

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    • Offer*

    • I know so many I met online like that i even explained this to him when we stared chatting an I was like nice to find normal guy. He wasn't at all.

  • I don't understand how you can have a problem with men when you so beautiful. What man would play games with you when you are a keeper.

    • Oh thanks don't make me cry now.πŸ˜₯ all men do it to me. All types of men I've dated an they all hurt me. They lie and pretend. act into me then disappear. I give up on dating now had enough

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    • You welcome

  • Well let me give it to you straight... whats the common variable in all of those? YOU maybe the problem is YOU stop complaining, there is tons of great men out there women just blow them off for a hottie (not aying you're the type) and if you attitute is "all men are cowards" you're gonna find a good guy and give him crap just because of past experiences, he will get tired, move on and you come full circle.

    There is no real reason why this has happened it's just crappy luck. But I'd look inwardly first and see if you can give back what you are asking for. A lot of girls think itrs their good given right to have a great man (also men do this) but it really isn't If you want a great man you gotta be an equally great woman.

    I'm soryr if it sounds a bit harsh but sometimes we gotta be honest so that our problems get solved. best of luck to you and hopefully no more creeps will come your way.

    • It's not me an usually nice guys who can't get women say that but I ain't to blame for guys issues with women an I don't blame all men for my troubles either. I only meet idiots an liars. i don't go for hot guys either I've dated really ugly an average men an one hot guy so that's definitely not me at all. Many people find idiot guys that's part of life an I am not perfect but I certainly don't blame myself for getting hurt by guys as you can't predict someone's intentions without giving a chance. i said I meet cowards not all men are. Instead of reading what I say people just come out with me branding all guys in that category an I never did that. I've not found a good guy an no I give all guys a fair shot I make it clear what I am looking for an definitely give back what I am looking for. If you met the guys I have you wouldn't be saying this it's different as I have experienced it an you'll never understand my life or past it don't sound harsh it's your opinion but you can only

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    • Then if all that you say is true then its just bad luck. Sometimes that happens

  • Sometimes we want more in a relationship along with lots of sex.

  • I think you ran out of space?

    • Yeah sorry

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    • Definitely lol I can be insecure but don't beg compliments haha it's not necessary you have to love yourself first

    • Exactly

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