Hooked up with a girl two days in a row on vacation, were 26. I initiated texts both days in a row with funny reminiscing. Should I let her initiate?

We were digging eachother, seemed to hit it off really well. She was making comments about how sexy I was, etc. Texts remained flirty throughout the past two days. I am afraid that ill come off needy if I continue initiating conversations first.


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  • Yes you will. Let her text you first. Don't show affection beyond what she shows you.

    Girls are a lot more willing to hook up (we mean sex right?) during vacation because they're super concerned about reputation. They want sex, but they don't want to be known as sluts.

    As a consequence she'll feel a little guilty, and might be possibly having buyer's remorse now.

    You would think that acting like a clingy boyfriend would sell her on the idea weren't just using her for sex... But women aren't attracted to clingy (affectionate) men. So that's a paradox it seems.

    Anyway, the way to avoid the problem of buyer's remorse is to give her a reason for you liking her that's besides her physical attractiveness. If you had a conversation with her about art or some other similar compatibility she will feel less slutty and she will call you back after maybe acting a little bit sluttier than she's usually comfortable with.


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  • With you who has 'Initiated texts both days in a row' here dear, she may Now be getting a bit bored and tired 'With funny reminiscing,' and is just putting you now on her pay no mind list.
    Try backing off and let her Now 'Initiate.' If she likes you enough, she will push a button on her own end With... No clowning around and start with something special, let's hope.
    Good luck. xx

    • I figured the same, I did my part. if she cares enough she'll initiate. If not, whatever it was fun.

    • Absolutely, so with that being said, don't hold your breath, it was good while it lasted.:)) xxoo

What Guys Said 2

  • Initiate a date, not a conversation.

  • Let her start texting


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