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Hello everyone. I know it sounds weird but I have to ask all the girls from all around the world ! So the question is. Do you believe in ,, ZAP ,, ohh zap means. Zayn And Perrie. Everyone from all around the world know zap , so the point is? I'm not saying that kind of questions on you to do it !! But zayn malik his name is an Arabic name and he is a Muslim and all his sisters are Muslims even though his dad a Muslim but his mum a British woman and I don't think she is a Muslim but that's cool she is his mum he loves her no matter what he is ! Even though that's not the point ;) his ,, Fiancée ,, is a christian British girl. So is she dating a Muslim. Oh no yeah she is. And they're going to get married in this year ;) he was dating her since 2011 until 2015 and they decided to get married. If they love each other god bless them. I hope they will have a great life. So the point is? Did you ever dated someone Muslim OR jewish. ←← this question is for the Christians girls. Now this question is for the Jewish girls ←← Did you ever dated someone Christian OR Muslim?

Even though my brother is married a christian woman and they have 3 kids god bless them it's a long story I can't say it Right Now but ,,

I want you to remember no matter what if he loves you and you have the same thing not even anyone in the whole wide world can separate between you and her OR you and him

But even though. I'm man and I say this to you.
Be careful from all the men 'cause some of them want to have fun then. Forget about you and some of them are not like that so please please please please please. Five times I say it to you. love what you want to love but be careful from all men from around the world ,,
I love you all and I hope you have a great life full of happiness. Not just a great day ;)



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  • I'm Jewish and I have dated christian men (but not muslim men)


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  • this was good..

  • You lost me at hello

    • Lolz ,, you make me laugh ,,


      what's the point you didn't understand?

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