This is my standard for dating, tell me if I am wrong?

Evening guys!

I've been on three dates with a guy in little over a week, they are dates he has always initiated and suggested and they have been really nice and relaxed and he always let me know he had a really nice time after.

We met on Saturday evening, it ended in us kissing really passionately which was lovely :) I was going to a christening the next day and he asked me to send a picture of myself dressed before I went. I sent him it the next day, he replied "mmmm gorgeous, how was it." We text couple more times that day - then he didn't respond to my message a bit later, it wasn't a direct question or anything, I thought fair enough and didn't think much of it.

Then, two days of nothing. No text off him no initiated date. I didn't text him. I just waited it out. Tonight, two days later, he texts with "hellllllllo" - what? A one word text. I think the beginning but of dating is all about momentum and this has killed it off for me - I think it's just not right and not something I'm willing to except wether I've been on three dates or 300. I haven't been clingy, needy or anything of the sort. This has turned me off him. I think a guy who is in to you doesn't wait two days at this stage to contact you. I this felt like a boredom text. Something isn't right to me.

Please let me know what your thoughts are? Thank you xx

After thought, I've deleted his number. It's not the level or standard of communication I expect. Sorry just personal and everyone is different with what they allow or don't. There's no right or wrong. It's just how we are tuned. It's totally turned ME off him. Would be going against myself to further this. Thanks for ALL advice x


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  • You're looking for too much too fast. Two days is nothing. Especially since we guys have these complicated systems for figuring out how long we should wait to contact a girl so we don't come off as desperate.

    Cut him some slack. He's probably just trying to not seem desperate or needy.


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  • So you just expect him to initiate? A true representative of the usual/oldschool dating habits i see :P

    • If a guy is interested he won't let much past a reasonable time frame to talk to you - especially when I was the last to text him and no follow up for two days - and he's meant to be into ME?

      Old fashioned values or not, just basic insight lets you know something isn't right with that?

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  • Yeah he isn't trying enough a loser for sure

  • Im the type of girl who will permanently ignore a guy if he texts me after disappearing (which includes ignoring my txt) for weeks/months. But I have to say that in your case, I think ur looking too much into it? Come on. Two days is not bad. Those past few days were probably rough or busy as hell. On the flip side, u could have text him. U dont always have to
    wait until he text u. Im not saying he's some kind of saint, Im just saying based on what u wrote, it's nothing to think, "he's an asshole" or "This is a sign he's not worth it."
    But this is all just my opinion.


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