What's is mean when a girl asks a guy out to the gym?

I don't get it... I get girls asking me out to the gym for a workout or a class.
Its not really a date is it?


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  • not really a date, no. haha! but could definitely be fun together. guys looks so much sexier when they have the pump. and girls feel so much sexier when they have it too. maybe she wants a work out buddy.
    wants to see your muscles all sweaty and yummie looking. haha

    • They've already got workout buddies!

    • maybe she wants a new one.
      or just to watch you work out.

    • But yeh.. that's what I thought.. that it's not really a date. I just can't get my head around it!

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  • I wouldn't class it as a date

  • No. She just needs a workout partner. It's much more fun and you get better results working out with a partner. In my experience.


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