Do you think this is an invitation to take things further? I'm confused by girls invite to event Saturday?

i was talking to this girl at a bar , i had seen her several times before at another bar , and although i was interested in her and felt she might of had a thing for me i never really made contact. anyways i saw her in another bar on Saturday night and we talked and i felt it went well. the conversation mostly focused on a previous country music night we both went to at bar and how the same bar was having another country music event this Saturday. i mentioned i wasn't sure if i was going and she said she allready was planning to go. and that she enjoyed same singer last year and that i should go. she also mentioned she lives in same town as that bar and since its so small i'm assuming not far from the bar itself.
i don't know her very well but i know she had a boyfriend last year and at some point they broke up as she's now at bar with gf's or by her self. so i feel she is on the rebound it appears.
anyways i'm confused? do you think she just though that since i liked country i would enjoy this concert? or do you feel she specifcally wanted me to come cause she likes me and wants to take things further? what about mentioning she lives near the bar? is that her way of indicating it would be easy to fool around with her as she's nearby? or that i would have a place to stay if i could not drive home?


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  • not an invitation.

    • but then what an invite to come out to he concert but not necessary anything else?

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