How do I approach him?

I like this guy that graduated from high school. He always looks at me in the cafe like 50 times even when I look away I always feel his eyes on me I was in grade 10 and he was in grade 12 . I don't know if he likes me though but I always get that feeling from him. He also tries to come close to me in a crowd but he never approached me becuase i'm always hanging with my friends so he'll feel awkward to come up to talk and I read on his ask. fm that he gets nervous around girls plus he's a jock and hangs with the jocks too. Age difference can't be a problem because I don't look or act young at all I'm one of the known girls at school with long black hair ( he likes long black hair I read on his ask. fm , he doesn't use it anymore), tattoos, piercing, big butt and makeup. The thing is that he graduated and I don't even have social media I wanna talk to him but how he has insta but I don't wanna make a new account just for talking to him it'll be too obvious and then the account will be empty with no images and followers. What do I do?


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  • Ask him out. You have to know somebody that knows him. Of use insta, being obvious is okay. :)


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