What is up with my crush?

I have a crush on this guy for a year and we've been seeing each other form 7 months. He never ask me to be his girlfriend so I guess I'm gonna do it. I asked him to be my boyfriend last 2 months and he said he needs time to think about it. Two months pass we still keep dating but he doesn't give me the answer. He takes forever. Not until a week ago this guy from my class asks me to go to a movie and I said yes. My crush later hear about it and he starts posting depressed facebook status. The next time we see each other in person, he cries a lot. Omg he cried sooo much I can't even stop him. Still, it's been a few days after and he still doesn't give me the answer! What is up with him? What am I suppose to do now? Just wait?


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  • just wait a bit.


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