Did I sleep with him too early?

So here's the deal I live in a small town in Texas. reputation here is everything. I have a reputation for being a "nice girl" the girl-next-door type bring-home-to-mom you get the picture. well recently I started dating this guy I have known for a really long time. our families are really close but not related. anyway I slept with him on our third date. see I have this really wild side in bed that only a vary few people know about. we have been together for a few months. now he keeps suggesting really out there things that I am not comfortable with. I have more experience than he does but I don't want to admit it. now it seems like the only times we get together are to have sex. he has made it clear that we are a couple. (we are not dating other people) but why does this feel like a fling gone wrong? is it because I slept with him too soon? he never calls me first anymore. I get upset easily when he makes a booty call but I still go. is there something wrong with me? should I dump him?


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  • If you like him then you shouldn't dump him. If you stay with him then just stop having sex with him until he sees you for who you really are. When you can't have a conversation with out the physical it is usually because he doesn't know much about your personality. Stop having sex with him for now and he's not going to have anything to do but to try to get to know you better.