So I gave this really cute guy my phone number, but I didn't get his number or name & he hasn't texted me but I really want him to! Am I out of luck?

Soooo long story short, this guy helped me parallel park lol bc I can't & he told me I was beautiful & he was very polite & sweet when he said it! & he was looking my way at the firework show that we were at! When my friend & I were about to leave, he asked me for my number & name & I gave it to him!! I think he may have typed maybe a wrong digit or something? Bc he hasn't texted me yet & it's almost been a week! Thursday will make a week! He seemed really interested in me so I'm wondering why I haven't heard from him! What makes it terrible is that he seemed soooo sweet & boy was he cute! BUT I didn't get HIS name or number! :/ what should I do yall? I have like no way to contact him because I didn't get his name or number! Do u think he is just waiting to text me because he's nervous? Did he forget? Did he type a wrong digit & texted the wrong number instead of mine? Help! Thank yall! I may not even ever see him again because ugh I've never even seen him around town I don't believe! I would love to try to contact him but I have nothing about him to go by! Not even a name! I am probably out of luck here huh?


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  • Seems you are out of luck. There are a variety of reasons (some you already stated) why he didn't call. Sucks you didn't at least get a name.


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  • just give it some time.


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