Im panicing, kissing this boy , help?

so i live at a lake where some people come and vacation and we can ride golf carts around our camp ground. Friday night i was riding my golf cart and this boy stopped me and asked me if i wanted to hang out with him and i said yes and we went and got my friend and we were riding and she had to go home and then it was just me and this boy. he ask me out Sunday night and i said yes so when we were riding there's a dirtroad area and we went there and his friends were there we picked them up and he tried to kiss me and i stopped him and this was infront of his friends. i was telling my friend what happend she said i should kiss him i said ok. this weekend when i see him im going to if he trys to again. this isn't my first kiss. one of the reasons i didn't kiss him was because my ex boyfriend the one that i had my first kiss with. should i kiss him and ts long distance will it work I don't know what to do just help and give me some advice


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  • If you feel like kissing him, you can wait till he kisses you or you kiss him first. You have to tell him first that you didn't want to kiss him in front of his friends because you were shy. I'm sure he'll understand. If you want to have a relationship with him, you can. Just depends how much you two really like each other.


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