Guys, Biggest turn one/offs in girls?

What makes you fall for someone and what makes you not like someone?


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  • The biggest turn off by far is feminism. If a girl claims to be feminist, there's very little chance I'll pursue her at all. She could have very honest intentions in her ideas, but I just avoid it like the plague as more of a precautionary measure because I've only seen it ugly. Other than that, I'd say a few of the big turn offs for me are,

    1. Immaturity (mind games, plays hard to get, won't tell me what's wrong when I ask, etc.)
    2. Hates kids
    3. Attitude. A bad attitude (or just a lot of it) is such a huge turn off
    4. Insincerity/fakeness/dishonest
    5. Loves to gossip. If she compulsively gossips (or even about me with her friends behind my back) then I won't even consider her.

    As far as turn ons maybe a quick five are,

    1. Stable. A girl that I can depend on to be there even when things get rough is extremely attractive. If I can feel comfortable knowing that my girl isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it makes the relationship so much more enjoyable and I feel like I can be more intimate and open up to her even more. Really, it's just trust, that it comes down to.
    2. Expresses a genuine interest in your life (and even what you enjoy!) and loves to tell you about hers. If a girl paid attention to some of my interests like a guitarist I liked and bought concert tickets for my birthday or something, that would be REALLY attractive.
    3. Confident while still having needs that only you can fill for her. I want to feel needed by her by being able to give her some confidence to do things, but if I'm constantly trying to convince her that she looks good and she never believes me, then it just gets frustrating.
    4. Easy communication. If she is good at getting conversations going and is good at finding things to talk about and keeping the conversation flowing, that is a huge turn on. I'm not always the best at getting a conversation started, sometimes, but a girl that's good at communicating and really friendly is easy to approach and a pleasure to spend time with. Being able to carry intelligent and deep conversations are also a plus.
    5. A beautiful smile and eyes. She can have a "sub-par" figure - whatever that means - but if she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile, I'm sold. A nice figure is just a bonus. And, frankly, what I find a "nice figure" is just going to depend on the girl, anyways.

    • Oh, one other big turn off is the vegan/health nut that thinks its her job to make me super healthy and to be my mother. A girl who tries to mother me is a HUGE turn off. Also, needing you to message her back as soon as she writes to you and looking through her messages at who else you're writing two, what time you saw her messages, the time it took to you to reply, and all of those other things are extremely annoying. Smoking and cussing a lot also are a bit of a turn off. A girl who's loud and obnoxious is also really unattractive. The only other one that I can think of is that I don't really like red hair, much, but if she was the right girl, I could look past it. I've just never liked it, much. I don't know why... I wish I didn't dislike it.

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  • a girl like me who thinks like me , someone i am comfortable around , someone who doesn't mind acting a little weird around me but just me and tells me her secrets and asks for advice , a girl i find cute and attractive , i am not looking for a super model a next door nice girl is more for me , a good body that is not overweight nor skinny somewhere in the middle, i am looking for someone that i feel really connected to and i really want to spend time with.

  • Turn Offs:
    Judging all men as the same. We are not all D-bags, just trying to get into your pants!
    Your own duality!! Loving the idea of being 'swept away' and 'adored' and perfect 'Romance' but hating that some 'MAN' is 'controlling' you!!
    Turn Ons:
    The way you smell, the soft, sensual feel of your soft skin and long hair!!
    You in Bikinis at the beach!
    Your eyes, your look, when we do something that you LOVE!! (Maybe accidentally!)
    Kissing you!
    The perfect panty line in the leggings that you love, not knowing that the visible panty line is a MAJOR turn-on!!
    When your life seems TOTALLY Fcked up, and crazy, and just holding you, and listening, as you talk about it, makes you feel better!!!
    That smile, in the morning, opening my eyes and seeing her, first!

  • My biggest turn off is when a girl lifts her skirt and takes a big shit on the table at the restaurant, then kicks it barefoot into my mouth

  • Turn on - Dominance and confidence, perhaps even a slight hint of masculinity.
    Turn off - Liar, manipulative, controlling, plays mind games.

  • Biggest turn on : good sense of humour
    Biggest turn of: manipulator\mind games expert

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