What to do when a girl threatens to leave I feel like thrusters just trying to see if I have balls?

Do girls say they will leave on purpose. Because I feel like they say this and take advantage of me. I m willing to admit when im wrong and don't want someone I like to leave im not a weak man. But I feel like women say this to threaten me? when a girl says she will leave should I just let her go or talk about it witch is what I do but girls take this as weakeness


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  • It is a way to get what they want and give them power it also depends on what you did and if they should leave lol

    • I've gotten this threat from so many girls should I just let leave because I don't care I just don't want them to go over silly stuff or a missundetstanding

    • In a girl and I firmy believe that girls suck at communicating with their partner of its a misunderstanding then it's your job to help her understand your point of view and resolve the issue but if she's threatening over something petty and acting like a five year old I would just leave

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