Me and her went out and date went great. Now second date is planned but how interested is she?

We met online and We've been talking for over two weeks and finally went out. We got along in person better than we did over text. Date went so smooth. I hugged her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as I sensed that's all she wanted. She texted me after the day thanking me for the lovely evening. Our second date is planned already. My question is how interested is she? She's pretty shy but outgoing. I told her I was scared we wouldn't get along in person like we did texting and all she said was "people usually like me so I wasn't worried" she's a pretty shy girl but extremely friendly and sweet! It was the best first date I've ever been on but I'm confused wether she's not interested like Ian it if she's just cautious and wants to go slow. She shows definite interest but she won't show too much and when I compliment her she just says thank you or something like that. Is she shy and cautious or just enjoying the attention? We text all the time, she initiates half of it and she thanked me for the lovely date.


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  • She sounds like a really sweet girl! I would say that she is serious about you and is wanting to take it slow. Enjoy the view!


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