When someone you have feelings for moves on do you care?

I just stopped seeing this guy who was falling for.
he's on holiday at the moment and I saw on Facebook a post joking around about how many girls he and his friends plan to sleep with when they're away.
It's upsetting for obvious reasons but also I don't know if I could bring myself to be involved with him again if he's carelessly slutted around overseas. I kind of see him as a bit yuck now and feel like just a number.
Has anyone else felt like this- girls mostly?
I don't want to think about it so I unfollowed him on all social media but it's just a horrible thought/feeling :(
What's the best way to move on from something like this without looking back when they contact you again?


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  • If I still have feelings for that per on, then yes, it will bother me. I think unfollowing him was a good idea. Keep your distance. It will take some time, but if you're not around him then eventually you will move on and not think about him.

    • The shitty thing is when he gets back in about a month I know he'll want to see me
      So I'm scared that even though I'll feel better by then feelings will come back and I'll feel confused.
      Do I have a right to be kind of disgusted/feel used?
      It's none of my business what he does but I just feel rubbish :(

    • You aren't together anymore so he has a right to see other women and they can do whatever they like, but I know you can't help feeling used and disgusted. You can't help feeling that way. I think you really should keep your distance from him. Maybe go out, see other people, and hopefully your mind will be on other things. It's not easy, I know, but being around him will bring up all sorts of feelings which you don't want.

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  • he's an insecure fool to be bragging online... he probably cries at night. but you shouldn't. Give yourself a week and move on but I have commitment issues a crush doesn't last for me for more than two weeks because i'd get turned off by stuff like this for example lol

    • I am turned off but I guess I have a weakness for people I have feelings for. I feel yuck for being involved with a guy like that and letting myself have feelings :(
      I guess you're right though I don't think I'll be upset forever haha

    • <3 feel better

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  • I think I move on fairly quickly. Were I to find out some girl I was interested in was going out with another guy, I'd probably drop an expletive, but then I'd realize there's nothing I can do about it and not worry about it. It's not as if you were going out with him.


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