Am I just a friend to him?

I really like this guy. Like... Extremely like him. He's everything I want in a life partner.
he's 35 I'm 24.

we have had sex and made out etc. We mainly act like a couple; cook together, he cooks for me he lets me sleep over and we cuddle etc.

Lately though, he hasn't made a move on me. I've been sleeping with him in his bed but he doesn't make a move.
Some little things he does make me feel like he likes me so I'm so confused!

Just before, he was on the road to his internet provider and he was confirming details. He told the guy on the phone his username etc and I had a little giggle in the background at his user name. He looked at me and smiled and said "my friend is just having a laugh at my username in the background"

... friend? Friend?
Should i be concerned? Is it possible he only said that cause he doesn't want to label us just yet or does it sound like I'm only a friend to him?
Why would he act like my boyfriend and then all of a sudden just see me as a friend?

Please help. I'm so in love with this guy.


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  • If you haven't made anything official yet he might not have wanted to assume and say boyfriend. Could try asking him where you stand?


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