Girls, How would you deal in this specific situation?

If you see a Random guy for the first time and find him sexually attractive because of his looks/ way he acts , but at the same time he looks way younger than you (maybe 10-20 years younger than you ).

Would you personally act on your instinct of finding him sexually attractive (even though he looks younger ) or just think of him as a younger brother?


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  • I would give it a try. If he had the courage to come up to me then there's not way I could shoot him down. So if there's a girl you knows older than you but you want her and you think she finds you attractive go for it.


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  • I'll still think he was cute but I wouldn't pounce on him. Just like i wouldn't pounce on a guy older then me who I thought was cute...

    • Thanks :) So you would leave him alone even though you are attracted to him?

  • In between. I'll think he's attractive but too young.

    • Thanks :) So you would leave him alone even though you find him attractive?

  • Nope, but I'm a bit of an ageist towards people younger than me :/

    • Thanks :) So you would think of him as a younger brother who is attractive?

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    • Hmm not really, I've called them bro or bruh lol. But not brother. Oh I did call this one guy little kid brother but I thought he was cute/adorable not quite the same feeling of wanting to uh jump his bones. lol.

    • Cool :P

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