Ok I am super confused?

OK so first off, I am in a struggling marraige and there's about a 80% chance we will separate by years end. Long and complicated story, which I believe my wife has cheated on me. ANYWAYS, I got a new job a month ago for a large company that requires me to do some travel. My boss asked that link up with this girl while away on my current trip. She is very friendly and much younger than me. She lives and works in a different state. Her picture is up on our email system and she is very attractive. So we started chatting frequently and she has been crazy nice and chats me up like crazy. My picture is not up, but she may have been able to view me on LinkIn or something, but she was like we can stay at the same hotel, she can pick me up at the airport, we can explore the city together etc etc. In my head, I'm like is she interested or something? I did some facebook research first and it looked like she had a boyfriend.

So I arrive to town and she texts me. "Hey are we going to meet up or are you can go alone, I don't really care" I say "i just left to grab some food, but yes let's meet up in 30" She says "ok I need to grab food soon too" So when I get back she comes down to meet me in the lobby and when she walks up to me she shakes my hand and acts nervous. Like she was like "OH... mumble mumble... sorry... uh" and I'm like "are you ok? lol" Keep in mind I have a wedding ring on and have no clue when she finally noticed. So one of the first things she says to me is "not trying to be creepy but here is a key to my room" I'm like "wtf!" She says she's a rewards member and the key gets me into the special free breakfeast on the top floor. I was like "oh cool thanks!" weird. Lol. So like I said I'm not sure where along the lines she sees my ring, but we ended up having dinner and spending about 4 awkward hours exploring the city together. I felt like I was on a date but not really. I got a beer at dinner and she acted weird about getting a drink so she got pepsi. lol. She kept flipping to the cocktail page, but would hesitate and said she was as light weight. Seriously, I am super confused? What was all this?
I forgot to mention there were some weird moments. She played with her hair quite a bit. But we had an awkward knee touch at the restaurant where we touched knees held then she pulled away. Also she's telling me about how all the girls at her small college were "freaks" then I start questioning her about what "freaks" means and she changes the subject quickly, then comes back to it a few minutes later and says "they were just really weird" I'm like ok


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  • it was something you need to forget. you are a married man and even if your wife does cheat you should not. This could be important when it comes to divorce.

    Please just leave things and try and fix things with your wife. Her cheating may be a symptom of something else going on and she feels she cannot come to you with it?

    • Why do you say I need to forget? Believe me, we are finished :/

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    • Thanks. I neither my wife nor me want to continue and are delaying the inevitable. But, I am not looking for advice. I am curious as to what was up between me and this girl?

    • why is it so relevant? I think she is a serial flirter. She was begging for you to tell her to have a cocktail so you could sleep together, you know all of this. you know what went on

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  • Honestly, who the hell knows what she's thinking. But if I had to guess, she probably wanted something more but you weren't giving off the right signs to her. She saw the wedding ring, she knows you're married but doesn't know the situation. She's ready, she's just scared to make a move and doesn't want to look stupid afterward.

    Open up the conversation with her and see what she has to say and go from there.

    And forget about the marriage. If you're at 80% you're done there.


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