Girls, I have very high standards in getting a gf?

I want to have the hottest girlfriend in the whole world. I am not hot, but if getting a girlfriend is about social skills i can develope them and i will find the hottest girlfriend... If I am about to lower my standards, in case of a girlfriend, why should i waste my time and energy to face my fears and boost my confidence? tell me about it?

also, i want to make sure i am attracted to her 1000% . same as she is attracted to me 1000%.


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  • I study personality psychology as well as relationship communications, so I'm just going to tell you briefly about what I've learned.

    You've probably heard the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" many times before. It is, in fact, true. It's not really possible to have the "hottest girl in the world" because there simply isn't one. Also, if you take it literally, you're not going to meet everyone in the world. If you mean the hottest girlfriend in the world to YOU, then that's different.

    Okay, back to psychology. We learn that:
    1. We are generally attracted to people who are in the same "range" in looks
    2. We are also attracted to people who are common

    Now, there are always exceptions to these things. But when you really think about it, most couples really do seem to be "made for each other", and people who are against animal abuse won't stick to an animal abuser. It kind of makes sense when you think about it.

    "Why do I need to lower my standards?" - You don't "need" to. But if you do, know that you're doing it for YOURSELF, and not for the girls around you because they are not "attractive enough".

    • no. I see lots of hot girls around me. one of them is enough for me!

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  • Well, with those standards you'll be single till you die and even in the afterlife you will still remain single. Have fun with that.

  • Well will this very hot girlfriend of yours be the first girlfriend you have? Having very high standards can really eliminate those potential partners for you, and it's just a way of you not being entirely open to the dating world but to one specific preference and that is that she must be hot according to you.

    • totally, but i am tired of lowering my standards. I am not fully attracted to them!

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    • I don't know. You have to figure that out yourself. Only you know yourself well enough, I don't

    • you said it is hard. i want about that to explain.

  • Why do you need a trophy girlfriend? This is a weird question. Maybe you have some personal issues to work out before you add another person in your life.

  • With your grammar and spelling skills? Think i will pass and it does not sound like you are bringing anything to the table.

  • What are you bringing to the table? What is it that makes you datable? Why would someone pick you over anyone else? Those are the questions to be asking.

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