How do you know for sure if they guys you might want to hang out with feel the same way?

Mike knows i like him he said nothing wrong with that and we both agreed to just be friends for now intill we can hang out , well decide then depending on how much time we spend hanging out.

Then there is these, guy shane , at first i was just having fun with him. but starting to like him , dany said shane said i wasn't is type. But then why doea say smile at me all the time. i mean i sometimes smile at guys just to get there attention , but with shane i acutally danced a little bit i dont know why i did it. and i skipped to whats going on. i am confused and lost. i even embrassed myself in front of shane i waa like to my friend colleen , the cute guy shane is right behind you. she was like oh where and shane heared me looked at me at smiled. i was like uh colleen did i say that a little way to loud. colleen was like yeah. i was like oops.
Why do i do these stuff for shane but not for mike ottis i really really like mike ottis.

I want to be with mikw ottis but my mind is so confused what should i do. plus shane said i wasny is, type , but why does he keep smiling at me?

How would you handle these situation.


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  • i would talk to him.

    • I talk to mike Ottis he knows I like him and he said nothing wrong with that and we talking a while on the phone on Friday at 7:30 we usually talked about hobbies he likes to write and read just like me he likes games. thinks i am funny at times. I well miss mike Ottis he is going up to Idaho to help is uncle with conservotary , he said something to fo with trees I think. he won't be back in till Monday but I won't see mike in till wedsday

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