I am truly confuzzled any help on this conundrum?

Long story short we had a relationship but it ended however everything is fine and without writing a book, basically she occasionally flirts in a i want something more way, she'll fight and tap me all the time not just on the arm but the face, leg, hand, knee the lot and she's always calling me idiot or manchild or other things but always playfully, tells me a lot thanks me for everything i've done as their were some rough times inher life, but is usually shy and a little flustered when around me, i mean i knew she liked me thought i looked good etc as did i with her without sounding big headed but now she's like it all over again and i mean she knows we discuss some pretty dumb and random stuff so i wonder if she's scared to tell me?

There's a lot more to this recently she's been thanking me a lot, saying stuff like damn you make smile, you always find a bloody way to brighten up my day you beautiful ba****d, tell's me when she's scared as if i am the one who can fix it, but recently she's also been acting very happy and such when i know she wasn't only 2 days ago and the reason which i won't go into but you don't bounce back to very happy... I'm just confused in all this information... i mean i know she adores what i've done for her but there are a lot of signs that she wants to pick things back up and i was windering if anyone could give me some pointers perhaps from experience or well any help would be hugely appreciated i'd love you forever :)
Also she's fine in person and used to be very good with the texting i mean i don't expect instant responses from anyone despite it being something i do, but lately she is all concerned or there if the need arises but doesn't go into things as much anymore via text or phone but then sometimes does, or she apologized one time saying she knows she doesn't always respond but she genuinely forgets to respond to people which i believe, but it can take 3-6 hours most times, very hot and cold lately.


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  • she wants to pick things back up for sure.

    • What in particular makes you think that if thats ok?

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