Girls, How do I go about handling this girl?

Took this great girl out. She just can't see what I see though. She thinks she's this annoying girl and for whatever reason thinks she is a terrible person. I see something different though. I made a little break through getting to know her better. I discovered while she is extremely outgoing and laughing all the time, she is actually reluctant to let people get close. She doesn't like being touched by anyone really and will only hold hands with her special needs sister.

i want to make the effort here because I see an amazing girl. How can I do this? Regardless of what happens I'm willing to be hurt temporarily in order to see where this goes and show her who she really is.


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  • Just give her time to get comfortable with you. It sounds like she's been hurt. People like that are scared to get close to anyone because they're scared of getting hurt again. Just be careful with her. I understand get where she's coming from and you're right to be concerned.


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  • Omg sounds EXACTLY like me.
    Let her be comfortable
    But dont worry if you dont get along just know youve got something great right around the corner waiting for you.
    Good luck!

  • tell her how you feel about her... just tell her


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