Having a best friend of the opposite sex ok or no?

I have this friend, a best friend. We've been friends and each others go to person for over a decade. My friend has a new s/o and she thinks it's "weird" and "disrespectful"and wants us to stop talking. I don't get it, would it be any less "weird" if we were of the same sex and still talked to each other the same? Is it inappropriate to be comfortable enough to talk about anything because we need an opinion and know we're not going to be judgmental or biased in our opinions of the topic at hand? I'm not sure what to do here I really don't want to lose my best friend but I don't want to be the cause of problems in his relationship... Help?


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  • Two of my best friends are girls. One going on 10 years, the other 7. I have had issues with Gfs in the past, but these are my friends, and they eventually got over it seeing how close were and after I said if something were to happen, it would have happened a long long time ago, and even if they made a move, i would not because their friendship means more to me. Both are very pretty, one is even commonly referred to as my sexy friend by my guy friends. So it can happen!

    • This! This is my point exactly. We've known each other for well over ten years, if we wanted to be together we would be.

    • thanks for MHO, sorry for all the haters out there and on here!

    • Eh you don't have to apologize for people. Haters are ever abundant especially on the internet

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  • Some people have no understanding that people of the opposite sex can be friends without any romantic entanglement. Unfortunately, that attitude is intractable.

    The only realistic thing you can do is tell your friend that you don't want to cause problems in his relationship so you are going to back off for now. Before too long, she will probably exhibit more controlling behavior and he will reject her and return to your friendship.

  • It's all kinda based in your mannerisms around each other. Like, if you two are touchy with each other. That can come off like a real threat to a new S/O.

    Think about it this way. She doesn't want to feel like "a third wheel" when she's hanging out with her boyfriend.

    That doesn't mean you have to stop being friends. Just try to be mindful and hope she calms down.

    • If by touchy you mean a hug hi and bye then, that's as touchy as we get. And we hardly physically hang out currently. He works and spends his time off with her

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    • I get that. That's what I meant when I said it. :)

    • Cool 😊

  • It's going to repel a lot of people.

    I wouldn't want my girlfriend to spend a lot of time socially with other men. I think many men would agree. And many women would think that way about their boyfriends and any female friends of their boyfriends.

    • For the record, I was talking about just talking. I don't spend much social time with him. If he's not working, he's spending time with whoever he's dating which is how it should be.

    • Well, that's less bad than physically spending time with him. But, it's still going to repel many potential boyfriends.

  • Well in a relationship when it comes to the opposite sex friendship. The girlfriend wants to be that best friend. She want him to run to her instead of you. She knows you are more close to him than she is so sound like she want to be the only opposite best friend/girlfriend in his life.

  • Oh it's one of those problems. It's probably his girl saying she feels uncomfortable around you or something like that. Making him push you out of the picture.

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  • I have a guy best friend also. We had problems in the past when it came to relationships. Just tell her that if she can't trust him then they shouldn't be together. No one should dictate your friendship with him.

  • there's nothing wrong with a girl being friends with a guy I have a guy friend on Twitter who I'm good friends with and I never had issues with him so it's normal for girls and guys to be friends

  • Yeah. If someone has a mindset you can't.. get away. They're insecure and believe in stereotypes.


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