Would you rather have a partner who swears a lot (swears like a sailor) or a partner who hates swearing and shouts at someone whenever they swear?

Would you rather have a partner who is a foulmouth, who swears all the time and can't control it (even in public), or would you rather have a partner that never swears and looks down on it, they shout at you when you swear and they may even literally wash your mouth with soap when you swear? I'm quite curious!
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  • Rather have a partner who hates swearing and looks down on it
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't really like swearing to be honest. I find it very unpleasant. I only do it when I am frustrated or angry.

    Also, I don't like how a lot of people swear so that they sound "cooler" and "edgier" and "tougher" than they really are. I think it's stupid and I can't believe other people buy that act. I don't know who they think they are fooling. It doesn't impress or intimidate me.

    I'd prefer a girl who doesn't swear, but I also know that this is the modern world and almost everyone swears now. So while I don't like it, I'd be willing to compromise on it. I have met girls that have a lot of traits about them that I really like, but unfortunately, they swear a lot. All in all though I decided the good outweighed the bad. I'd hate to miss out on someone that I could have really enjoyed life with, just because they swear. It's not a dealbreaker.


Most Helpful Girl

  • i really couldn't date someone who is totally against it because swearing adds emotion and unless you have a huge vocabulary then you'll probably come off as disinterested


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What Guys Said 3

  • Most definitely the former. I'd rather be with someone who's not afraid to let loose than someone who obsesses with how others speak. I mean, unless there are kids around, what does it matter if I swear or not? Don't like it, grow up.

  • I swear a lot. So if my date started yelling at me over it that would be a major turn-off.

  • I don't swear bc I don't see the point but I don't look down on it. Shouting at someone bc of it is excessive


What Girls Said 1

  • B - because I'm one of those people sometimes.
    I can't like it because it's disgusting.


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