Why did my boyfriend suddenly stop paying so much attention to me? What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been blissfully and happily dating for about a month and a half. We definitely were in the honeymoon phase. We talked every day and hung out as often as we could. He was always texting me and telling me sweet things, making me feel like I was the only girl in the world. I barely had to reach out since he was always so eager to talk. Then, after spending the day with his friends a week or so ago, he suddenly changed. He stopped talking to me so often, and when we do talk he seems very distant and not affectionate. Sometimes he won't respond for hours or will just stop talking for no reason. He does not always keep his promises to text me. Last time I saw him was at a family party, and while we did talk and spend a majority of the time together, he often left me with his family to talk to others. We did not spend any quality time together and have not had a meaningful conversation in the past week. I have been trying to give him a little space and do not want to be needy or clingy, but I feel very neglected and confused at his sudden change of heart, and while I am trying not to take it personally and remind myself it has only been a week, I still feel hurt. He said nothing was wrong the one time I asked if everything was ok. Why could he be acting like this when everything was going so well? Should I give him his space or should I reach out to him? Am I overreacting when this could just be normal? Thanks!


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  • Have you said anything to him? He might not realize it's a problem. If it's been over a week and he's still doing it you should bring it up. Don't be angry about it, just mention he seems distant.

    It's possible that this is the real him, though, and he acted different in the beginning because your relationship was new and he wanted to extra impress you. So if talking to him doesn't work, don't hold out waiting for him to change for too long.


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  • sounds like he's losing interest :/. doesn't sound normal at all. maybe you could just ask him whats going on.


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