Would it be weird if I?

I've been texting this girl I met on tinder for the past like 4-5days, im going to ask her on a date, but I want to ask her how tall she is first, is this a weird thing to ask? I imagine its the sort of thing I should of ask when we first started speaking on tinder, I feel like I've left it too late now and it may come across weird? Its just I dont wanna turn up and then her be taller than me. Im only 5,7 which is short for a guy. Would you find this weird? After almost a week of texting a guy for him to randomly ask that?
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  • do you know what she looks like? maye you could just ask her to describe herself to you. but ask her in like a flirty kind of way.
    i dont think thats weird at all.

    • I have her on fb, but can't really tell how tall she is from pics!

    • haha! yea, that makes sense...
      umm... maybe you could do like a 20 questions and have that be one of them. haha!
      or just flat out ask her.

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  • yes, thats weird


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  • On Tinder, it's the norm to ask how tall someone is. I don't think she'd appreciate it though. If she's taller than you, would you cancel the date? Or would you rather go for it and if she is taller than you, she falls for your personality instead and you get to see her again? I think the latter is better.


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