Date went well and ended with a light quick kiss on the lips but is she interested?

We've talked for over two weeks and Finally met in person and the date was amazing!! I kissed her lightly on the lips for brief second and then we parted ways. She messaged me 20 minutes later thanking me for the lovely evening. I asked her to go out with me on Saturday but she had plans so now it's scheduled for the Friday after. This is a good sign right? I have butterflies in my stomach and it's like she's meant for me. Even my best friend who knew her before told me she's my soulmate. She's clearly interested and just cautious and nature right?
She can't make plans that far in advance she will let me know on Wednesday. Lol


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  • Yes, Indeed, so far so good. She wasn't available 'Saturday but she had plans so Now... It's scheduled for the Friday after.'
    Unless she cancels for a second time here, dear, I believe things are flowing and going along real well. You both are smoothly ironing out all of the kinks to get together and it looks like Mother Nature may be Reaping a ripe ol chance of a Romance.
    Continue what you are doing, I like both your styles. And as long as you work as team mates for all of the dates, it should go down a beautiful path with lots of smiles.
    Good luck. xx

    • Ya let's hope so. She never really shows direct interest by saying things. She compliments me on my truck and other things but never me directly. She's just hard to read but it felt so right for me and I hope it did for her as well. She doesn't text me as much anymore. The fact she contacted me immediately after the date was definitely a good thing. I hope I'm overthinking

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    • Yes, her excuses will say a volume of words with these actions... However, it is Not over yet until the fat lady sings as they say. xx

    • Heyo

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  • As a girl, I can say she definietely likes you. If other people say it too, you two are definietely meant for each other. I don't think she was avoiding you, I think she simply had plans that she couldn't get out of. Just because she didn't get super into the kiss doesn't mean she doesn't like you, maybe she has had bad experiences with guys in the past. Hope you found this helpful, and hope you two start getting serious, it sounds liek you really like her. :)

  • I think she likes you. Girls can be shy but if she said yes for the next date she wants to see you again. :)


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  • Message me and I have a long story to tell you with some advice attached.

  • Yeah, it was one date, it sounds like it went well. It won't be easy but you need to be patient.


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