Does he think it's a date?

So me and this guy have been friends for a few months. Well we are hanging out tomorrow and he's picking me up. He's hinted that he's gonna be paying for me and has called it a date. Here's why I'm not 100% if he thinks it is or not. We are friends so picking me up isn't weird and friends paying for friends isn't weird, although he's never paid for me before. His personality is naturally flirtatious so we've flirted before, but all in fun and games. Sooooo was he joking when he called it a date?


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  • If he's paying for you, it's probably a date, especially if he hasn't paid for you in the past.


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  • it sounds like he really thinks it a date. just clarify with him so the end of the night kiss doesn't make things too awkward.

    • How would I bring it up? I've already said pretty straight forward you don't have to pay for me. Why would you? And he said, "because it gentlemanly and nice to do." I just don't wanna randomly be like "So you know this isn't a date right?"

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    • Oh thank god. Okay! Thank you!

    • haha! good luck :)

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  • If he's paying and said "it's a date"... then he thinks it's a date.


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