I told my best friend today that I love him, did I make a mistake?

He already knew i had feelings, just not how deep of feelings.. we fuck and i guess I've been really confusing lately and so on and off that he knew something was up but admitted he was confused... i told him this morning that i love him in a love e-mail and told him i didn't expect a response... he hasn't said anything to me at all today since i hit send...


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well that probably caught him by surprise. You're gonna want to try and talk to him tomorrow if you don't hear anything by tonight.

    • He did text me back :)

    • He didn't say it was mutual.. he's out of town working.. but he said he would like to have a drink and talk when he's home

    • Maybe he wants to try dating?

What Girls Said 1

  • Big bomb dropped on him. Give him time to absorb the information. I'm sure you will get a reply. 😊

    • He's been online today and all... never said a word

    • Non the less. He probably needs this space from you. Give it to him.

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