I really like her. I assume she is playing hard to get. Thoughts?

I have been seeing this massage therapist at her clinic for the past few months now. She is my age and is absolutely adorable. I really can't stop thinking about her.

SO I have already asked her out twice. First time she said no because i asked her out completely last minute and the second time she seemed like I threw her off a little bit but like, she still said no. Even though she said no the 2nd time, she asked if she can feature me on her instagram. Which I said yes. Then after that she gave me her number.

So we have been texting very minorly... nothing too serious really. But last week, she sent me a selfie of herself at a baseball game which I kind of found a little weird but was still happy at the same time to see it.

I saw her recently on Monday for another massage appointment and my intention was not to ask her out. So as she was massaging me, we were flirtin with each other pretty hard I'd like to say. I showed her some photos of myself and she said i'm cute. Then, we were talking about her social life.

All she told me about it was she goes out once a week with her girlfriends and drink. So I asked her "is that your only method of socializing?"

She replied "what else can a 'single' girl do?" it threw me off that she would even openly say she was single.

So we kept talking and like i really didn't want to ask her out again because I have already asked her out. And because we were talking about this restaurant that I was going to that day, she said "maybe if I finish work early. I will message you if I do finish early"

She never did. Anyways, I texted her after that and she replied, i replied, then she never got back to me.

give me your thoughts please? what should I do from this point on? I see her again tomorrow!


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  • you should start ignoring her.


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