Do y'all think that this guy will text me or call me? Is there a possibility?

Long story short
- this really cute guy told me I was beautiful
- he asked for my number & I gave it to. him! I think he typed it in as I called it out ! & I typed my name in his phone
He hasn't texted me or called me & tomrrow will make one whole week !
sadly, I didn't get his name or number so I have no way to contact him :( I think he's really sweet plus he's super cute! I really wish he would text me! I have this feeling about him! A great feeling about him for some reason
he could be the one or something! I don't want to miss out on this guy ! What y'all think?


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  • It's Wednesday today. I don't know how much this changed but "wait a week" is an old rule on when to call a girl. So is "make plans by Wednesday."

    If you don't hear from him by next week. He isn't gonna call.

    • Yea it's gonna be a week tomorrow! I really want him to text me! I hate that I didn't get HIS name/number & I hope that he didn't like accidentally type a wrong digit or something lol! It seemed like he was really interested in me though so I'm wondering if he'll text soon! Should I give up after tomorrow since it will be a whole week?

    • I'd give up after next week. But don't hold your breath or anything.

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  • You should wait; only time will tell. I too thought I had found the one, but some things are not as they seem. Be careful: people are not to be trusted.


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