Her parents don't want me to date her. What should I do?

There is this girl and we really like each other. We are both 18 years old. We just started dating together and everything is pretty cool. This is the first time she actually dates a guy and I'm glad I'm the lucky one. However, her parents are quite strict. Her mother brought us to eat breakfast last night and literally asked me to stop dating her. She told me that she doesn't mind if we be friends and focus on our studies together. Since my girlfriend was with us, of course her mother didn't actually told me to leave her daughter alone but I kinda get her message through what she said. My girlfriend said that everything will be okay in the end but I find it hard to believe.

My girlfriend comes from a pretty wealthy family. I on the other hand am not from a very rich background. I guess her parents don't like me.

But I love her so much... What should I do? It's slowly tearing me apart.


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  • I think that of course the approval and blessing of her family and yours would be ideal, but if that isn't happening, I would still be respectful and nice to the parents. It's okay if you want to talk to your girlfriend about it, but don't say things like “your parents are mean" or “they aren't understanding" because it shows immaturity and disrespect among other things. You won't be winning them over with that kind of attitude. It's most likely that the parents are concerned about their daughter's grades and future. Plan some study dates with her and have her mention them when she's with her parents so that they can see that you are serious about her future and career and yours and that you are willing to help her and make her happy, which is all any parent would ever want. I also suggest bringing flowers to her home and always dressing like a gentleman (no ripped jeans, combed hair) when you see them so that they get a good impression of you. Although it's not the way I wish society would be, we all tend to judge by looks. Never break curfew or make out with her while they're near because then they might think you are doing inappropriate things with their daughter or are irresponsible. Stick to the rules so they can see that you are a boy they can trust their daughter with. Message me if you need more help.

    • Seriously, you are only thirteen years old? I am deeply impressed.
      Thanks for your advice. It's quite helpful.

    • Thanks! I'm always happy to help with unbiased advice.

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  • My parents didn't like my wife and said it clearly, not only to me. :( :(

    We're still happily married. :)

    • (we married without any financial help, of course and my inheritance...~~ )

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    • I left home when I had my degree. I was at once drafted in the army, became a paid ROTC and when I received my HD I found a job at once. We married asap, using our meager savings.

    • We waited another 5 years to have a baby and then saved another 5 years to make a down payment for a house.

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  • date behind their backs.

    • I was thinking about that but I am not sure if doing so will make us feel genuinely happy.

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