Would tall girls date average sized guys?

By tall girls I mean like 5'8 +.

I am 5'11'' and I really dig this chick I met at work who is also 5'11'' ish. She is hot as hell not gonna lie she has got legs for daayys, a cute face, and seems real smart.

I am scared to try and chat her up haha she look like a model.


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  • I'm 5'10" and my boyfriend is 'average sized'. Go for it, not all girls are set on only dating guys who are taller.

    • damn 5'10'' I bet he's real proud to have such a tall beautiful lady on his arm. I'm not gonna lie I would love to show off a beautiful tall woman to all my buddies lolol they be like "damn this guy means business!" :)

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    • hey let me tell you somethin, we all the same height lying down anyways lolol!

    • ahhaha omg! Great minds think alike.

      That's my favourite quote when people ask me if I'm bothered by him being a bit shorter.
      I'm like.. nope. The only people who seem bothered by that are people outside of the relationship who can go choke on those stupid societal norms for all I care. Plus... height doesn't matter when you're horizontal. ;)

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  • if she doesn't have any probs being equal in height wid u, or being taller than u when she wears heels, then i don't se y she should deny as long as she's interested


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  • I sure would date an average sized guy. I'm 5'10"


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