I met her on a dating site, what should I do next? Date? Hangout?

I met this nice girl on okcupid the dating site. First impressions seem pretty good, so I'm intending to ask her out 2 weeks later. (Cos I only just known her yesterday, I'll give a bit of buffer time to build some friendship online first)

Her profile indicates she's more conservative and old-fashioned, and that she's "the quiet girl in class". She said she did well in sports and studies in school, so I guess she's a model student of sorts. She's also really small and petite.

I don't know what she'll expect when I ask her out though. Does she expect a date, or hanging out to get to know each other better? Should I ask her what she wants, or take the lead and adjust according to her response?

She seems perfect and I want this to be long-term, I dont want to screw this up haha..
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I ended up trying my luck and asked if she would like to go on a date just days after I first known her.

She was nervous and surprised that it was so fast, and said she would prefer outings until things were official. A few weeks and a few outings later, we became a couple. :D

As for the original question, it seems like hanging out is the safest and most agreeable option haha.


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  • Both options are valid. I think you should mention to her that you think she seems perfect and that you want this to be long-term. I'd suggest a date, but hanging out is good too.

    • Yes I think I'll tell her that. Manage expectations so maybe no matter which I choose to do she'll understand.

    • Yes, I agree with you, she'll most likely understand.

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  • So, I wouldn't expect a full-on date the first time we meet if we haven't been talking long. Meeting up somewhere for coffee or something would be fine. Where I live, we could go to the city par

    • Makes sense.. It would be kinda apprehensive to suddenly have to. commit to something like a date.

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    • Yeah, it's already nerve-wracking to meet someone for the first time. Adding in a date can add more pressure. Keeping it casual helps a little bit, especially if you find that the person isn't all they were cracked up to be or if you don't feel that there's any kind of chemistry going on. That's why I say make it somewhere that can lead to more options if you do like each other.

    • Icic.. So basically like a lunch/cafe date that has the option to go longer if things go well. Haha alrights, thanks! :)

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