I don't know what to expect from this conversation?

I slept with my friend who just broke up with his girlfriend.
i don't know what I want yet but I know I don't just want to be one random f***.
When I asked to talk he said he 'had a few things to tell me' back at uni (3 days away).
at first I thought maybe he got back with her but it turns out she is going on exchange for a few weeks.
He hasn't really messaged me since though.
I just don't know what to expect, help?


Most Helpful Guy

  • How soon after he broke up? Might be rebounding? Some guys will transplant all that feeling of lose onto a new girl *right away* and mistake it for LOVE. Be careful if he suddenly confesses tons of feelings for you.

    • We've been close friends for a while & he said he liked me previously but he loved her and wanted to be with her. They broke up about 2 weeks before but they still talk.

    • He's probably going to tell you it was a mistake. He might confess feelings for you though. Be ready either way, dude's probably really vulnerable and trying to find something to hang on to.

Most Helpful Girl

  • he might talk about what happened between you two.


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  • Probably gonna tell you that you were just one random fuck.


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