Does he like me?

So I met this guy online and he lives minutes away from me. We've been talking for a bit and he's been snapchatting and texting me a lot. I think I might like him, problem is, he has a girlfriend. When she's brought up he usually sighs so I don't know if he exactly even likes her. They've been dating for about a week. My friends tell me he likes me but I'm not sure. He's asked a few times if I like him but I haven't told him. Also he's asked twice if we can hangout. I'm hoping he likes me but again I'm not sure. What do you think? And what should I do?
by the way he calls me cute and pretty a lot


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  • So he has a girlfriend and your instant response it to go for him anyway? How would you like it if you were his girlfriend? And another girl was pursuing him. If he didn't want to be with his girlfriend, he would break up with her.

    • I know. Me and him have already talked and I told him I wouldn't go for him because of her. He then proceed to ask what if He did break up with her and I told him then I would go for him. Going for someone with a person already is one of the worst things you could do. I haven't made any moves yet and I'm not planning on it until he's single

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  • He clearly has second guesses about his "gf" if he's flirting with you. I can see him eventually having to choose between the two of you. Don't be surprised if he chooses her over you... then again, he already had her and is now going back & forth with you.

    • I wouldn't be that upset if he didn't choose me. He did have an know her first so I wouldn't be hurt. I would be a little hurt then move on

  • If he has a girlfriend, stay away! It doesn't matter if its a week. Or he should man up and break up with her if he's not serious about her. If he's talking to other girls when he's with her, what makes you think he won't do the same to you? Sounds dodgy to me.

    • Yeah I've thought about that already. That's exactly why I'm scared of going for it. But I still want to.

  • unless you realy like him, dont break them up. It would be just wrong thing to do.

    • Oh god no I do not want to break them up. I would feel guilty if I broke them up. I'm just waiting and seeing what happens with them

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