What is going on in this situation, is this the endless grey zone?

I've been talking and seeing this guy from my school for 8 months. We talk literally everyday, all day; we talk far into the night into the early hours of the morning. He told his friends about ''us'' and I've told my friends about him as well. His mother knows about me and my mom knows about him. He tells me I'm beautfiul and pretty and listens to my problems. He hugs me in front of his friends, in front of his class and even was late to class to try and see me. But here's the thing, we're not dating :'( I know everything from his favorite color, to how many siblings he has, to what he wants to be when he gets older, I even know his schedule (and A LOT more) and he knows so much about me, we literally talk everyday. But he said we can't date until we know everything about each other because he said you can't commit unless you know everything about each other.
But this confuses me because he's dated people before (I believe his last girlfriend was when he was 14) so why is he talking so long? Does he not really want to date and is trying to be nice? He said he's scared of love but I don't think that would stop someone if they really like a person. Is it his busy schedule, he has two jobs and driving school? Or am I in the grey zone.
He's 17, I'm almost 15.


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  • I think this is dating. I mean dating is for learning about a person in more than friendship. That's why you don't marry at first sight. Still there is more you have yet to learn even after 50 years of marriage. Tell him to be bold and do it. And don't let him weasel out of it. If he really likes you but has mixed emotions, straighten them out for him. Despite being busy he should still make time for you. I mean who needs two jobs at that age. (Hopefully not.) He probably wants to date. As for the gray zone, I believe you are dating but he won't admit it. I hope I answered all your questions, the answers are not in order by the question.

    • He does need two jobs. He has 7 siblings and one parent in the house :( he works too much I agree. But he doesn't think we're "dating" but I don't understand because I know almost everything about him even how many kids he wants and when he wants them

    • Be persistent and strong. Say you are dating.

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  • He's doesn't know what he wants and isn't ready to commit. Been around for most of the year and indicated nothing will happen.

    • Does it change anything that we're still in high school?

    • Like I wrote, he doesn't know what he wants... That's a high school boy right there. If you can wait for what he wants on his terms then by all means..

  • Sounds like he's scared to commit even though he really likes you. You should try and get him to do a "test" of being "official" and see how he likes it. :)

  • The kid has been hurt before. Now he is trying to protect himself by making sure you are worthy of opening his heart. You'll need to be a bit patient with him...

  • Wow thats weird, sounds like he's using you as some kind of emotional pillow without having to commit. This poor dudes brain is wracked with something for him to be making statements like that at that age so maybe just tell him what else he needs to know about you to date you or else you'll just be good friends. If he doesn't want to date for whatever reason, you can choose how to proceed from there if it means still being close with him or moving on.

  • he's afraid of getting emotionally involved and committing to someone because he doesn't want to get hurt


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