Does this girl like me, or does she just see me as a friend?

here's this girl I know from college, she's a year ahead of me and I can't tell if she likes me or just sees me as a friend. We got pretty close over the last few weeks of school, we worked together on some projects for a club we are in and had a really fun time. One thing she said was "I feel like if you and I should have a comedy show together, either it'd be really funny or it would just be us awkwardly giggling." The last time I saw her she also told me to keep in touch with her over the summer, we have a group chat with us and a few friends from a club.

However I texted her hi a few days ago and she never responded. Does this mean she only wants to interact with me in a group setting, or is she just busy? Should I just chalk it up to her blowing me off?


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  • she just sees you as a friend.


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