How do you feel about Mary Jane and Olivia Pope being in love with men who are married?

I feel like if someone is completely satisfied and happy in their current relationship then they wouldn't cheat. I feel like that is the root of cheating men in these cases fell out of love with their significant other but stay with them for image reasons or because they simply just did not have the courage to leave. I feel like the term mistress and side chick gets thrown around all the time but I feel like they refer to girls with low self esteem who intentionally set out to wreck someone else's relationship or to see how far they can take it or because they like a challenge and those girls are rude. those girls are home wreckers. those girls are mean. however women like Mary Jane and Olivia Pope are not those girls, sometimes you just fall for someone and you can't help how you feel. after Mary Jane found out that her boyfriend had a wife she stop seeing him but she couldnt help the way she felt and she started seeing him again and at the end she finally ended the affair. I feel like side chicks and mistresses are used only for physical pleasure for sex. but girls like Olivia Pope and Mary Jane these girls were not used for sex, these girls were loved and in love by a man who had a wife, who he was no longer in love with. I personally support Olivia Pope and the president's relationship and I support that Mary Jane stop seeing the man who she fell in love with when she found out that he had a wife even though it was one of the hardest thing she ever had to do, she knew that it was wrong. I support both of these women do you?
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Olivia pope from the TV show Scandal.
And Being Mary Jane ( I wouldn't expect for any but black females and male to know about it though but its on BET: Black entertainment television)


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  • It is selfish, but if your soulmate is taken some people will make them untaken


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  • who the hell are those biatches !


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  • I understand that you can't always help what you feel, but you have to respect yourself and the other person's spouse enough not to fall into that kind of situation. It wouldn't be a decision I would make for myself.

  • Once you know a man is married, be a decent person and back off. Their marital troubles are nine of your business so it's not right to justify it. Even if he lied at first what's the point of continuing it after you find out? Have some self respect? That's like saying it's ok for a guy to mistreat me because I thought he was nice in the beginning. Women say they want to be respected well act like it.


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