Can I say "I love you" over the phone?

My boyfriend is away for 2 months and we haven't said I love you yet. We wanted to wait until he gets back but it keeps slipping and we disregard it because it's a slip. I was drunk a few nights ago and my friend told me that i told her that i loved him over and over again. I really do think i love him and I want to tell him but I don't think it can wait 6 more weeks. Is it okay to say over the phone in this context? I want it to be the right moment next time instead of accidental slips.
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I know that he's ready to say it. He said he's respecting my wishes by waiting for me to say it first


Most Helpful Girl

  • There is never a bad time to tell someone you love them. Never.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Of course you can! You can say it over the phone or while you moan. You can say it in a house and even with a mouse. You can say it with a fox in a box! You can say it with a goat, you can say it in a moat.

    Ok I'll stop but yeah go for it...

  • yeah i don't see sayin it would be bad. also mentionin u miss him wouldn't be bad either, if it happens only once... u won't sound clingy/needy

    • We say we miss each other all the time but I really love him and I don't think he knows because of his depression. He loves it when i seem clingy

    • really? thought most guys find it repellent..

  • "I don't think it can wait 6 more weeks" seriously?


What Girls Said 1

  • You need to wait. Saying a "I love you" should be special on a nice romantic date or something like that not over the phone. Besides, I think it'd be much more romantic that he were to say it.


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