Girls, How would you respond if this happens to you?

You are sexually attracted to a random guy because of his looks and when you strike up a conversation with him, he looks at you while talking but doesn't smile.

Would you still have sexual interest in him? Don't forget to choose an option as well.
  • I will instantly lose sexual attraction on the spot and leave him alone.
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  • I would still have sexual interest in him.
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  • I will lose sexual attraction and only be friends with him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just because he doesn't have a smile plastered to his face when he talks wouldn't make him less sexually attractive. I'm probably not smiling either

    • Thanks :) But wouldn't you find him creepy if he stared without a smile?

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    • Probably if he was monotones and didn't look at me once and just stared off straight ahead dead-eyed I would take hat as a hint to get lost lol
      But if he comes of as the type who just looks that way all the time or is naturally monotoned and if he keeps talking and doesn't just respond with one word sentences then I'd probably still talk to him just to see what his deal is

    • Thanks :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • I Would feel like you werent interested... why not smile?

    • Thanks :) I would definitely smile at you... your smile is so mesmerising ;)

  • Why would you choose not to smile? She might think that you don't like her?

    • Thanks :) That's true.

  • I think it's more of an deep sexual stare

    • Thanks :) But won't you consider staring without smiling creepy?

    • No, he could just be thinking or nervous or feeling that sexual stare right back ☺️

    • cool :)

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