How do I lock this shit down?

So I like this kid but he is always busy like with work and family things, and vacations. Well we go to the same school and we've been talking all summer, he always talks about how he wants to hang and but he's always too busy to hang. Don't get me wrong I can completely understand but I kind of feel like if he really liked me he would make an effort to see me so I don't really take things he says to me seriously. But I'm starting to like him and I want us to be a thing, but that can't happen if I don't see him. And I want to hang with him before school starts so nothing is awkward. How do I go about this because I like him and everything but my time is valuable, and if he doesn't get it together I have to drop him.


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  • How valuable is the time of a 16 year old girl, exactly?

    • Valuable enough not to wait on a boy, I know my worth and I'm not going to wait on someone when there are guys that actually respect me and my time.

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